J. McCall Band

Many thanks are to go around for the opportunities this endeavor has granted.  God would be first and foremost.  Then to family and friends who have made the journey possible.

There are not enough proper thanks for Justin Bendel (acoustic/electric bass) and Tom Murphy (percussion/drum kit).  They were kind enough to lend their collective musical talents and support that should at times have garnered a clinical fee.  Absolutely wonderful and the perfect fit on this project.  Amazing musical insights.

Also to thank are Dave Walters, Dennis Hand, Jesse Bush, Jeff Wright, and Jason and Jake Zang for the addition of their wonderful musical abilities.  Just awesome guys!

Immediate thanks to Hollis Greathouse at Audible Images Studios in Pittsburgh, PA.  Your patience and quiet confidence have made this a wonderful experience.

Thanks to Kingdom People for their support with backup vocals.  They were quick studies and very professional.

Thanks go out to Richard Struzzi for designing/producing the custom electric guitar pickups and amplification electronics.  Mr. Struzzi holds a patent for pickup design, and is one of the foremost technicians in the region.  He has owned and operated his own amplifier repair shop for 15 yrs.  In addition to his prowess as a sound technician, he is a gifted jazz guitarist.  Please contact him at (724) 834-8324 to schedule a consultation.

                               Richard StruzziRichard Struzzi