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Funky music with an eternal message!

Welcome!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  This music thing is a wonderful, fun adventure.  God has richly blessed us and we would like to share it with you!   

Our group has undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis.  We have added a full horn section and backup vocalists in the last few months!  It has been quite insane really, but a very enjoyable trip! The lineup includes, but is not limited to:  guitar, bass, drums, keys, percussion, trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, and baritone sax.  

The songs (see left-"Preview Songs") draw from a wide musical perspective.  Most have a generous amount of acoustic funk in their conception.  World rhythm structures occur commonly.  Many use elements of jazz harmony, with bits of rock, blues, folk, and country. Above all, the music is meant to be fun. If it provokes thought, fantastic.

All of the songs were conceived using an acoustic guitar (though not all finished this way).  Some tunes would find completion in a day or two, and others have taken slightly longer (years). 

These songs were born from some of these themes: 
  • God is real, and He is good
  • Life is short
  • We have choices to make, and jobs to do, and help is available
  • Some thoughts/dreams do not fade 
  • People go through experiences that make no immediate sense
  • There is a plan and a purpose, usually beyond our scope
  • One can learn many life lessons from an old Dodge
Each step in the process of writing these songs has a sort of an internal significance.  The songs on this album seem to deal with ideas of truth, or "truths" of human existence.  Ideas for many have their roots in Biblical theology.  Generally the songs are multilayered in their meaning and application.  

The Small Stones EP is complete, and is available worldwide via many digital retailers.  A radio promotion recently took place across the US and Canada. 

We are working to finish the rest of the album.  Recording has taken a bit of a break as we are adding horns/vocals, and the arrangements have to be finalized and polished.  In the meanwhile we continue to write, rewrite, rehearse, and play out as much as possible.  

We have been doing some playing in this format at various venues in several states.  We are very blessed to get the opportunities to play at great festivals and local establishments.  Recently we were able to open for a national group at the Hard Rock Cafe.  The amount of fun had while on stage is just crazy!  

Every note in this project is the result of grace.  Across the board it is recognized that God is the source.  

Many thanks go out to all of you who have graciously become fans.  Welcome!  Your fanship is very much appreciated.  Thank you for the wonderful support!  Hope you will share this music with your friends/family.   Please join our family and follow us on facebook and twitter.  You can also join our mailing list using the button above.

God Bless!  Jesus is Lord!!  Risen Indeed!!